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My AJP connector is sick!!!

Today, I had a problem between my Apache balancer and my Tomcat cluster. A virtual machine that was hosting two Tomcats was frozen. Something was wrong in my config and the Apache didn't show these Tomcats in error in the jk_status web interface. After a few minutes, I realized that the uriworkermap file was not configure on 'balancer' but directly on 'tomcat1' (one of the two Tomcats that were down).
So, I concluded that the Apache jk doesn't do any test on a worker if it isn't mapped with an uri.
But let'go back to my virtual machine that was frozen. It was not completely dead and a telnet 8010 was responding. Thus, my first conclusion was that I had a problem with my Apache. BAD WAY!!! The telnet was not efficient. I demonstrated that with a tiny perl script found on the net made to simulate an ajp ping.
You can use the script as this : time ./ server:8009
Many thanks to the author of this script. I don't have the link to his post anymor…